1. You did some really good work on town centre policing and crime figures which you published in February 2011. I don’t suppose you have an update do you?
    I was talking to to some friends about the huge police presence in the town on Friday and Saturday nights and about the cost to the community of all the drunken behaviour and about the fact that half the taxi drivers are struggling to cope with the problems and the other half are behaving disgracefully cutting each other up outside the post office and causing accidents or driving round and round and round trying to pick up fares rather than wait on the rank. It used to be a pretty peaceful little town. Now it seems like Mad Max on a bad day.
    More info if you have it please. Thanks.
    Your blog began….
    Alarming West Berkshire crime figures
    February 5, 2011 by Paul | 7 Comments
    From: http://liberalburblings.co.uk/2011/02/burglaries-in-newbury-much-higher-than-comparative-
    Following the release of the December crime statistics on police.uk, the deputy local police area
    commander for West Berkshire, Ch Insp Judith Johnson told Newbury Today:
    “I think we are very lucky in that West Berkshire is a safe place to live.”

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