2008 top blog posts


A very happy new year to all readers. Many thanks indeed for reading this humble weaker-than-water blog over 2008.

During last year, I wrote 1022 posts. Many thanks to everyone who commented on posts. There were 1544 comments made. Just over half the posts received at least one comment.

The top commented posts were (title followed by number of comments):

1. Davis: A prima donna act & a pointless by-election – 29

2. BNP “target” Duncan Hames‘ opponent - 20

3. EU Reform treaty: Death by tumble dryer – 20

4. UPDATED: Telegraph story regarding hung parliament support for the Tories - 19

5. God’s antidote to Anne Atkins – 18

48,386 people visited this blog 68,081 times in 2008. That’s up 18% on the previous year. Each visitor read an average of 1.32 pages, spending an average of 52 seconds on the site each time. Just under 70% of visitors were new to this blog. 33,173 visits came from search engines while 29,114 were referred from other sites. 5,734 visits were accessed directly. 3,476 pages were viewed 90,236 times with 78,371 unique page views.

31,421 visits came from Google. 10,595 came from LibDem blogs. 3131 came from LibDem Voice, 1440 from Iain Dale and 1224 from the BBC (Nick Robinson and Robert Peston). Many thanks to all those sites and for the other sites who link to me.

I’d also like to thank the sites which fire me “off on one” (i.e: provide me with raw material to blog about): BBC News, Taegan Goddard’s Political Wire and Politics Home.

4,649 visits came from people searching for search terms which included the word “Palin“.

The top ten most popular posts for the year were (title followed by number of views):

1. Did Top Gear actually go to the North Pole? – 2,831

2. Palin affair allegation strongly denied - 2,197

3. Top Gear North Pole race – sheer quality – 2,122

4. Troopergate Palin emails emerge - 1,373

5. Non-doms flat tax regressive tax that will drive out workers- 1,066

6. BNP membership list – 715

7. Does the “promise to pay the bearer on demand” mean anything? – 591

8. Dawn French and Lenny Henry obviously don’t want to escape the public’s gaze – 577

9. Henry Conway’s “f**k off I’m rich” party - 563

10. Tina Fey does Sarah Palin - 459

The remarkable success of my July 2007 posts about the Top Gear North Pole special throughout 2008 is testament to the huge popularity of Top Gear across the world. People are still reading those posts regularly, coming in via Google after having, presumably, watched the programme somewhere in the world on some channel or the other.

It’s been a very enjoyable year’s blogging. The highspot was in August when I welcomed many new readers from the USA. I have to thank Sarah Palin. She lit up my life for several months. 402 people voted in my Sarah Palin poll, which blew my mind. Here’s all the detail from Google Analytics:

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