That Chris Huhne #tweetfail in full, glorious technicolour


@danohagan tweeted wittily:

If Malcolm Tucker was real, he’d be chasing Chris Huhne around the office with a chair-leg right now

@jpshaddock was also on the ball with this one:

If you listen carefully you can here a press officer in Lib Dem HQ sobbing ‘Why?! I was *this* close to leaving the office for the weekend!’

This is turning into a Twitter wagfest:

@petepahides says:

This Chris Huhne thing reminds me of the time I asked 8000 people to set the video for Dr Who.

18:49 Oh dear. Chris Huhne Twitter “page not available”.

18-50 Eh-up, it’s back up with the offending tweet absent.


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