Telegraph: Huhne unlikely to face charges


From yesterday’s print edition of the Telegraph, page 11:

Huhne police fail to find CCTV evidence

CHRIS HUHNE, the Energy Secretary, is unlikely to face charges over claims that he asked his former wife to take speeding points on his behalf, after detectives were unable to find CCTV evidence in the case.

Essex Police have spent four weeks investigating, but have found nothing to prove the allegations against the Liberal Democrat politician.

It was claimed Mr Huhne asked his then wife, Vicky Pryce, to take his points after he was clocked speeding on the M11 motorway on the way back from Stansted Airport in 2003.

Searches of both police records and information held by the airport’s authorities has failed to unearth any evidence or CCTV footage that shows he was there at the time of the alleged offence.

Det Supt Tim Wills from the Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate said detectives were continuing work to establish if any offence had been committed.

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  1. I wonder whether Guido will give this as much prominence as he did the original allegation. Like all good tabloids, I doubt it…

  2. Indeed. Even the Telegraph rather hid it under a bushel…

  3. Fucking scandalous how people like Huhne get away with it. Even his own ex fucking wife said he did it. The circumstantial evidence cannot be argued, it’s presumably just not worse the hassle and all the crap the lawyers would come up with to obfuscate and delay proceedings.

    It’s even more tragic how party nobodies close ranks and come out with the guff that’s been on LD sites. Come on, you KNOW he’s guilty as sin.

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  5. “Come on, you KNOW he’s guilty as sin.”

    Well lock him up now, why don’t you? Why bother with tedious things like evidence, procedure and the normal mechanics of justice in this country?

  6. Paul,

    the evidence is in the public domain FFS.

    Even his wife when asked by Guru-murthy live on C4 news didn’t deny it. No point locking him up but he should not be allowed to get away with it. You want to know why people like me are ‘disconnected’ from politics, but you’ll never get it will you? And if he’s not being prosecuted why the hell isn’t she in hot water for wasting so much taxpayers’ money and police time?

  7. It’s a simple matter of leaving the police and the Crown Prosecution Service to do their job using the same standards they would use to deal with you or me.
    Otherwise, if we our down your route, we have trial by completely unqualified, inexperienced armchair fulminators.
    I think you need to calm down. You say that the evidence is in the public domain but that is not the case. Supposition and speculation is in the public domain. It is a fairly basic requirement of speeding prosecutions that there is a photograph of the offence. If the police are unable to produce a photograph then that is a fairly basic lack of routine evidence.
    I would also point out the first line of the British police caution: “you have the right to remain silent”.

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