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I have spent a little bit of time today looking at immigration figures. As you do.

We had “unfettered” immigration during Labour’s time in office – we are told. That word “unfettered” being a classic Daily Mail/Daily Express word.

Round spherical objects. A lot of first world countries have far higher immigration than us, and we are well low in terms of the percentage population coming from immigration.

First of all, we should mention emigration. People leave this country. You wouldn’t have thought it from the rubbishy bigotry we read most days.

Also, a high percentage of immigrants are actually……wait for it……..make sure you are sitting down………British. Yes, British people coming back!

And then there’s large numbers from Canada, the USA, the Commonwealth.

And so, we come to the Poles and the Indians, which some people are getting het up about but won’t say.

I actually believe that this nation is far, far richer as a result of its strong connections with India and Poland, than it would be without.

Links to some of the information I read through before writing this piece are here, here, here, here and here.


  1. How about providing some references to back up your statements please….

    Links to the relevant ONS figures would be very helpful – your readers should not have to conduct research which you have presumably already carried out.

  2. Just because we are not top of the list of nations that have high immigration, doesn’t mean we didn’t or don’t have unfettered immigration.

    I’m also not sure that anyone sane is saying we should have no immigration either. We could have just as much ‘culture rich’ immigration being outside the EU than inside, if we wish. It seems to me that some are just asking if we as a nation might be able to decided for ourselves.

    One thing that worries me is how the politicians now dodge the issue. ‘We don’t know how many will come here (we are powerless to stop it)’ – that doesn’t sound like wise governance to me.

    All that being said, I have not been convinced by the arguments that we should leave the EU either. I’m certainly uncomfortable with letting a nation decide that question, especially as it is the same nation that didn’t understand the argument for changing the electoral system.

    What I am convinced of is that the cost of staying in or leaving the EU will not be as great as argued by either side of the debate.

  3. Labour never joined the Schengen agreement, so I don’t think “unfettered” gets off the starting blocks really.

    UKIP’s policy is to “Freeze permanent immigration for 5 years”.

  4. Noncomformistradical, I have added links to some of the material I read before writing this post.

  5. I understand that UKIP’s policy is to “Freeze permanent immigration for 5 years”, then to have a quota to not exceed 50,000 a year. Surely to be so ‘dependent’ on immigration is perhaps an indictment on our education and social policies over the years?

  6. Presumably that 50,000 is net immigration. I couldn’t find any detail on the policy on the UKIP website.

  7. I suspect that is 50k regardless of migration.

  8. Something that bothers me somewhat, and is often overlooked in this debate, is what the effect of migration is on other countries that their countrymen leave behind!

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