The sensitive festive subject of the TV set-up….


Some rights reserved by DG JonesThe last thing one wants to do with elderly, much loved relatives is to start a “debate” over the TV remote controls and settings etc. It’s bad enough as it is, with all the choice, recording settings etc.

But I couldn’t help noticing that my parents (who are both mercifully very well sighted) had “audio description” set up on their telly. I ventured to point this out. Firstly, it took what seemed like an age to explain what “audio description” is.

After this long explanation, my mother exclaimed:

Oh, you mean that nice man who comes on and explains everything to us!

Yes. That’s right. You’re sitting watching and he says things like:

James is now standing at the kitchen bench and chopping mushrooms.

I decided that taking things a further step and suggesting that they turn off “audio description” was probably a move too far.

A friendly fifteen year-old quietly did the deed when no one was looking…. I suspect my parents will miss the nice man who comes on and explains everything though…..

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