Nostalgia for the days when we heard via horse of the King’s death several months after the event


I am getting nostalgic for the days when the King died and you found out about it months later, when someone with the news strayed into your village on a horse.

We’ve gone from the sublime to the ridiculous with news coverage. Today’s “revelation” is typical:

Government to roll out same snooping tactics as ‘China and Iran’ by getting access to everybody’s emails, texts, and internet browsing

- said the Mail.

Except you then read the details from a sensible person such as Nick Thornsby and you realise that it is all, more or less, stuff and nonsense.


  1. Except Nick doesn’t provide much in the way of details (except something which he says could mean almost anything)

  2. “Except you then read the details from a sensible person such as Nick Thornsby”

    Actually, you read a waffly Home Office press release quoted by a Lib Dem blogger and you assume that whatever the government’s planning must be OK, and try to convince anyone reading your blog of the same.

    Wouldn’t it be more sensible to find out what’s being proposed before defending it?

  3. And to add to Hywel’s comment, only the government (by that I mean David Cameron and a few choice buddies- not necessarily all politician’s) really know what it’s all about and won’t let on until, like the NHS it is a fait accompli.

    Let me hazard a guess; the monitoring will be farmed out to private companies; once the concept of monitoring contacts is accepted, it will not be long before monitoring content will be introduced; anybody with a little technical nous will be able to hide or disguise their communications; this means the ones that don’t want to be monitored- the terrorists etc. will not be and only Joe Public will be monitored- which I suggest is the idea all along.

    If it smells like control, looks like control and tastes like control, it probably is control.

  4. Paul

    I believe I submitted the comment published above under the nickname “Anthony Aloysius St,” not as “Chris Phillips.” Presumably you obtained my name from another source and took it upon yourself to publish it. I’d be grateful if you could either edit out my name or remove the comment altogether.

    If you don’t want to accept pseudonymous contributions that’s up to you, but you surely understand that you shouldn’t publish people’s names, obtained from other sources, without their consent?

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