Another sub-30 minute 5k at Newbury Park Run. Woohoo!


After a bit of a slow start at my first Newbury Park Run (on Greenham Common) two weeks ago, this morning I managed a sub-30 minute run. In fact, if Charlie, my dog and running companion, hadn’t stopped for a poo which he didn’t do, I think I would have done my best ever Park Run. Oh well, there’s always next time.

The Newbury Park Run really is quite superb in many respects. There’s ample car parking. The scenery is awesome. It’s great to have just one circuit to do – it’s much easier for the brain to work out how much longer is left of the track. And there are no significant hills.


  1. Well done Paul! 30 minutes is a massive barrier to break. Here’s to smashing through 25 minutes within the next six months. Rach E (Newbury parkrun event director)

  2. Many thanks indeed!

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